Deprived families Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP)

 Linking Microfinance and Safety Net Programs

 Creating New Pathways for the Poorest.

PROJECT AIM (OVERALL OBJECTIVE): ‘Poverty reduction in the occupied Palestinian territories through access to promotional social safety net activities package and financial services’

PROJECT DESCRIPTION :The objective of this phase of the project is to improve the living conditions of economically deprived and socially marginalized Palestinian families. This being a pilot phase of the project, it aims to test various approaches for poverty alleviation based on sustaining peoples’ livelihoods at the household level. As a result, the project will develop a model for poverty alleviation that is relevant to the Palestinian context and that can be replicated at larger scales. This model, once scaled up and expanded, will contribute to the revitalization of the Palestinian economy through supporting self-employment and micro-enterprise development as means to reduce employed, achieve higher economic growth and reduce poverty. The project aims to significantly expand the opportunities for members of deprived families to become entrepreneurs through facilitating access to financial and business development services. This will enable potential entrepreneurs within these families to start up micro enterprises that ensure a sustainable source of income for the entire household. Families that are not able to own and manage a self-employment activity in the short run, and particularly those raising youth who may be prepared for entrepreneurship in the medium term, are targeted with special innovative assistance, ensuring the development of their household capacities and assets over the short term and long term empowerment. Purpose: Empowering chronically poor and hard hit families and graduating them from being recipients of humanitarian assistance to becoming economically independent and productive households, through providing access to a package of financial and non-financial (Promotional Social Safety Net Activities) services that address their needs. .

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